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Initial Session
Approximately 1.5 hours                                                            $130 

A comprehensive review of past medical history and chief complaints, followed by acupuncture. Other holistic recommendations may be provided when appropriate, including nutritional and Chinese herbal medicinal support. 

Follow Up Session
Approximately 1 hour                                                                  $80

Review of chief complaints and treatment plan, followed by acupuncture. Other holistic recommendations may be provided when appropriate, including nutritional and Chinese herbal medicinal support.
4 Follow Up Acupuncture Sessions                            10% Savings  
Regularly $320 for $288 
4 Follow up acupuncture sessions

8  Follow Up Acupuncture Sessions                           15% savings
​Regularly $640 for $544 
8 Follow up acupuncture sessions

Herbal Consult
30 minutes                                                                                    $45

Analysis of issues to determine Chinese herbal medicinal recommendations and nutritional support. 
Recommended if interested in an herbal remedy plan without acupuncture. 

Office Hours

Monday                                                    9am - 6pm
Tuesday                                                   Closed
Wednesday                                              9am - 6pm  
Thursday                                                 9am - 1pm
Friday                                                      9am - 6pm
Saturday                                                 Closed

Closed daily 1-2pm
Contact Information 

20600 Gordon Park Square #130
Ashburn VA 20147


Email: Info@FireflyAcuandWellness.com

Payment is due at the time of Service. We currently do not accept any type of Insurance. 
Our office can provide a Super Bill for personal insurance purposes upon request
Formerly South Riding Acupuncture 
We changed our name February 2016 
Cupping Therapy Only
30 minutes                                                                                      $45

A form of alternative medicine in which our practitioner applies special cups to the skin to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation & well-being. 

Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak 
30 minutes                                                                                     $40 

This method of trans-dermal herbal delivery is especially helpful with chronic inflammatory issues, alleviating pain, increasing the immune system response, enhancing metabolism, calming and regulating the nervous system and stimulating micro-circulation in the capillaries of the body. 
Ionic Foot Soak 
30 minutes                                                                                     $40

The Ionic Foot Soak is a simple and painless process of using water and negatively charged ions to energize and support the body in efficiently performing its functions of cleansing and healing. The Ionic foot bath offers a comfortable, relaxing way to rid the body of toxins with little or no stress.
5 Tibetan Herbal Foot Soaks                                  10% Savings
Regularly $200 for $180 

5 Ionic Foot Soaks                                                10% Savings  
Regularly $200 for $180

10 Ionic Foot Soaks                                                15% Savings 
Regularly $400 for $340

10 Tibetan Herbal Foot Soaks                                15% Savings
Regularly $400 for $340

5 Tibetan Herbal Foot Soaks and                           15% Savings
 5 Ionic Foot Soaks 
Regularly $400 for $340

Acupuncture and Foot Soak Packages 
Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak Take Home Treatments available. 
Please inquire for more details. 
Patients must come in for a consult prior to purchasing foot soaks. 
We must diagnose appropriately to ensure safety. 

Acupuncture Sessions
Herbal and Other Holistic Therapies