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Promote Lymph Flow & Immune Support

To build a strong, healthy mind and body we must have a strategy to help our body systems avoid, field, and flush out environmental and chemical contagions and irritants.

Every part of your body, including your immune system, functions better when protected from environmental assaults and bolstered by healthy-living strategies.

Your lymphatic system is a subset of your circulatory system and is an intricate and vast drainage system acting as a filter and superhighway creating connections and flow throughout the entire body. Think of it as the intricate sewer system of the body as it helps clean out toxins,

dead cells, and debris. But that's not its only job, it’s also important for producing

certain immune cells and ferrying them where they need to go in a hurry!


When it comes to immunity, this system protects the body against any outside threats, including infections and inflammation from viruses, bacteria and fungus to cancer cells.


Our largest lymphatic tissue in the body is the spleen, often underestimated for its importance.

As our main immune defense, the spleen fights infection, destroys worn-out red blood cells and holds a reserve of white and red blood cells.


Did you know our lymphatic system doesn’t have pumps!

So how does it move?

One way is the contraction of muscles around your lymph system help it flow properly. This alone is

one of the many reasons why movement and exercise are so important and, quite literally,

paramount to your health.


A few other ways to get your lymph moving are things like dry brushing, cupping, lymphatic massage, acupuncture, and herbal remedies.


When the lymph system becomes bogged down and stagnant this can quickly lead to inflammation, contribute to disease and hypersensitivities, and be a hurtle to healing. Lymph congestion can often be a component in many chronic health issues including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, mold toxicity, autoimmune disorders and weakened immune and digestive systems.


Because the pumps of the lymph system are closely tied to muscle movement, sluggish lymph flow can also affect muscle tightness and alignment, displace organs and interfere with their functioning, and impact your ability to move. Humans were designed to move for the benefit of our health and to hasten our healing processes!

Blood + lymph flow creates an increase in healing properties to the tissue which in turn helps to decrease muscle pain and tension. ⠀

Acupuncture, botanical remedies and other holistic modalities encourage, regulate and support the body and emotions through internal gas, bacteria and neuroelectric molecule regulation.

Acupuncture modulates the immune system and promotes the flow of lymph, blood and gasotransmitters. Acupuncture can relieve symptoms of allergies like congestion, sore throat, itchy red eyes, headaches, and fatigue as well as prevent allergy attacks from occurring in the first place. Research has found that acupuncture increases the T-Cell count and has an immune-modulating effect, which are instrumental in supporting and regulating the immune system!

Our unique herbal blends are designed to modulate the immune system, create flow and clear congestion within the lymph system. Some work to break down bio film, mold, fungus and other invading microbes weighing down the entire immune system causing swelling, bloating, sinus and digestive congestion and more.

It does this while promoting the proper flow of the lymph pathways to secure and support a healthier constitution. Many of our herbs aid in pain relief, increase energy and get you back to enjoying life again, especially during seasonal changes.

Cupping also benefits the body's fluid dynamics, neurological effects and mobility because of the decompression and fluid movement it provides.


Finally, there is a direct link to the brain, lymph and nerve system.

Check out this Podcast that explain how cellular waste in the brain can decay nerves contributing to brain fog, chronic pain, and even mental illness.

Are you ready to get started on reducing your body's sensitivities, strengthening and regulating your immune and lymph system and stop suffering from allergies, inflammation and a weakened system?

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