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New Patient Information 

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What to Expect at Your Consultation

For all of our potential patients, the first step is to meet with our integrative medicine practitioner, Rachal Lohr, L.Ac. The initial consultation allows plenty of time for

a conversation about where you've been, all of your relevant concerns and health priorities, and what kind of help you are looking for. This initial meeting is an

important first step as it enables Rachal to accurately assess your needs, create

a traditional diagnosis that will shape your care plan, and give you and Rachal

some time to get to know each other.

During the consultation, Rachal will evaluate your specific needs to determine if you

are a candidate for our services. Then, if you are a good candidate for our clinic,

she will formulate a comprehensive treatment plan tailored specifically for you.

She will discuss in more detail the estimated length of the care plan and the number

of treatments likely needed to achieve your health goals. The majority of the time,

her treatment plans draw from all of our services to give you the best comprehensive care and get you the results you desire in the most expeditious method.


Individual care plans will vary based on your specific conditions, health history, any coexisting health factors, the amount of time you've been struggling with the symptoms, the severity of the issue, and your health goals.


Each care program includes a variety of procedures and is individually tailored within your care plan to maximize the results and get you back to feeling your very best.

Beginning Your Care Program 

Your First Treatment

Once you have finished your consultation and received your customized care plan you are ready to begin your journey to better health.

If you'd like to begin the same day as your consultation we always leave space for that option and our patient care coordinators will guide you through

our process. They will also take time to schedule out your future appointments to set you up for success while moving through your treatment program.

For your first and future appointments please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that can easily be pulled up to the knee and elbow, or bring a change

of clothes to maximize your comfort.  Rachal and her team will walk you through each therapy and what to expect throughout the procedures.

Typically, appointments are 30 minutes and repeated 2-5 times a week for a series of weeks to months, depending on your care plan recommendation. 

After Treatment

After treatments you can resume normal activities, but it is best to avoid moderate to extreme exertion.  

The more simple your day, the better your body can integrate the therapies applied that day. Be sure to drink  plenty of water, and listen to your body.  

You may feel more rested and energized, or perhaps a little relaxed and sleepy. That is to be expected and a sign that the body is hard at work on a

cellular level. 

Insurance / Financial Policy

Firefly Acupuncture and Wellness does not bill your insurance, however if your insurance does cover out-of-network acupuncture you may still be reimbursed.

Insurance coverage is specific to each individual's policy. Therefore, we recommend calling your insurance company and asking them if you have

out-of-network acupuncture coverage and what conditions that may cover. If you do have coverage, please notify our patient care coordinator's and they

will provide you with a Superbill for each appointment as you progress through your care plan, which you may submit on your own for reimbursement.

If you have an HSA or FSA you may use those funds toward the cost of the treatment programs.   

The total cost of your care plan will depend upon what therapies you need and how many treatments are recommended. 

It is very important to complete the full course of treatment that is recommended for best results.  

We do require a 50% payment in order to begin care.

Start Feeling Better

That's it!  Feel your very best at any age and elevate your health!   

It's time to start your journey to better health and we cant wait to work with you.

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