Stealth Pathogens

Complex Chronic Inflammatory Infections

& Multiple Systemic Infectious Diseases 

Reduce, Reset, Re-establish, Balance, Heal, Flourish

Lyme disease and other entrenched chronic diseases are on the rise, including infections from insects, parasites, and other complex multi-system inflammatory disease.

We specialize in offering Chinese medicinal solutions for these recalcitrant, hidden, and often elusive pathogens by utilizing traditional and modern strategic and systematic approaches to support, heal and get our patients on the road to recovery. Our approach focus is to reduce the body's toxic load and autoimmune responses to boost your body's innate ability to heal itself and beat Lyme and any other latent pathogens wreaking havoc on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.   

What is traditionally diagnosed as "Gu Syndrome" in Chinese medicine are parasitic infections, often seen as chronic inflammatory diseases with autoimmune complications.

Lyme is considered a “polymicrobial” disease — it is a syndrome tied particularly to different strains of Borrelia but also frequently involves other bacteria, molds, viruses, and even parasites. Extensive testing can be done to identify the specific microbes involved, but many of these tests are not yet consistent in their accuracy. 


Once we have a clinical diagnosis and begin treating as Gu syndrome, we always assume the presence of multiple infectious microbes and take the whole-person systems biology approach to reset the internal terrain and microbes to generate health and encourage the

person's own vitality to thrive. 

From a modern perspective, we must approach the treatment of these adaptable, multi-layered, and insidious diseases with care. Plant-based medicines, carefully monitored and prescribed, often coupled with acupuncture, have the capacity to break through the camouflage mechanisms and protective biofilm layers that many parasites have around them so that the natural herbal anti-parasitic substances

can be effective.

Chinese Medicine
The Gu approach is a kind of fumigation of the body’s tissues, working in tandem to reduce chronic inflammation, and build up the body’s immune system and strength at the same time.
Our holistic approach provides a path to wellness by fortifying the microbiome, re-establishing the internal terrain, making it inhospitable to detrimental microbes and diminishing infectious loads to support the immune system, and strengthening the body's ability to heal from within.

"Parasites are always at the core of the traditional diagnosis of Gu Syndrome, which literally means “parasite super-infection syndrome” and, in a more extended sense, “possession syndrome”—a situation where multiple parasitic strains have become so entrenched and pervasive in the system that they have taken over your body.

More importantly, they most likely have also taken over your mind and your spirit, because many parasites are capable of manipulating your hormonal and endocrine systems. When those systems have been hijacked, and the parasites are now manipulating you to crave certain foods and even trigger certain emotions so they can feed off the associated endocrine excretions, they own you. All of a sudden your emotions become extremely volatile—you fly off the handle or become gloomily depressed, as if possessed by an alien spirit. It is a testament to the observational powers of the ancient Chinese that they knew that these kinds of “demons” had a physiological aspect to them. Without microscopes, they knew that parasites were involved in the mental state often referred to as “possession.”

-Heiner Fruehauf

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