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Acupuncture and East Asian medicine are part of a complete medical system, using an integrative systems biology approach. Our whole systems approach views the body as an energetic system, in which the mind, body, and spirit are unified, interconnected, and closely entwined. Through this whole system medical lens, Chinese medicine may be used as a diagnostic tool and a means of communication to and within the body.

Understanding that each system has the ability to influence, regulate and balance the next in order to work with the whole person to gain better health, vitality, and longevity. 

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Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue

& Autoimmune Disorders

Reset, Revive, Rejuvenate

A wide range of symptoms are often experienced within fibromyalgia, autoimmune issues, and chronic fatigue. Dependent on what body systems may be involved and the level of inflammation, it is common to see fatigue, pain, stiffness, aches and muscle tenderness, immune system weakness and sensitivity, along with sleep and mood issues, digestive and bowel trouble, and other body system imbalances causing taxation and strain.


Fibromyalgia is a common rheumatic disorder that falls in line right behind osteoarthritis. This condition is widely misunderstood and is a central nervous system disorder that affects the musculoskeletal system.

Autoimmune diseases and chronic fatigue are not easily treated with Western medical approaches and they tend to go down and then come back all the time. Autoimmune reactions are overreactions within the body that begins with the presence of a pathogen, this is inflammation! Recognizing the inflammation is imperative, but just as important is the original deficiency of the immune system that causes the system to overreact in the first place.

This multi-tiered view and approach is one of the strengths of Chinese medicine because it gives us a system that explains the why and how of a condition. The philosophy that underlies Eastern medicine always aims to treat

the root and the branch symptoms!

No one should have to live with pain, discomfort, and fatigue, especially when it can become constant, unbearable, and unrelenting. Unless the root of the pain is addressed along with the immediate discomforts it will continue to come back and cause more issues down the line. The body needs support through each layer of these

often complex issues. 

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Stealth Pathogens

Complex Chronic Inflammatory Infections

& Multiple Systemic Infectious Diseases 

Reduce, Reset, Re-establish, Flourish

From a Chinese medical perspective, Gu Syndrome is a chronic inflammatory syndrome, or a super-infection involving lots of different pathogens like funguses, viruses and spirochetes at the same time. These multiple types of infections can all thrive upon each other’s existence and symbiotically assist each other in the process of feeding upon their progressively deficient host.

In modern terms, Gu Syndrome is commonly seen as chronic inflammatory diseases with autoimmune complications that often present within two major categories of symptoms.


"Brain Gu" encompasses conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme Disease, other co-infections, and certain types of mental diseases caused by pathogens infecting the nervous system, primarily spirochetes or certain types of viruses that can inflame the brain and other parts of the nervous system, causing symptoms such as body pain, compromised mental function, emotional volatility, and traumatic fear responses to minor stimuli, i.e. hypersensitivity to smell and noise.

"Digestive Gu" is caused by infectious agents that are primarily present in the gut, like certain types of worms, or protozoan parasites, or funguses, all of which can coexist and promote each other's proliferation. The brain may not be directly inflamed with Digestive Gu, but becomes irritated via secondary metabolic pathways because the gut is inflamed. In cases like irritable bowel syndrome, ulceritive colitis and Crohn’s disease people’s brain chemistry is indirectly affected because the gut-brain barrier has become compromised and certain substances in the body now can pass through the digestive membranes, often resulting in the body developing an autoimmune response to them, which then clouds people’s emotional and mental health.

It is quite typical that someone with Brain Gu simultaneously also suffers from Digestive Gu,

or the other way around.

Using this ancient and effective perspective we are able to offer a holistic approach to these debilitating issues. We use traditional methods to provide a clear and productive pathway to reduce inflammation, support the immune system, promote healing and rebalance the body and it's internal microbiome and terrain to

regain heath and wellness.

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Digestive Health

A Healthy Gut is Vital

GI problems can cause a host of symptoms anywhere in the body due to improper assimilation or imbalances in the microbiome, the balance of gut bacteria, and internal terrain.


Symptoms ranging from fatigue, headaches, depression, obesity, brain fog, acne, skin issues, neurological problems, immune system dysfunction, mental health issues, and many other symptoms can all be related to and influenced by a digestive problem.

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Neurological Health

Remap, Rewire, Repair

Nerve pain is often a sharp shooting pain or it can be a constant burning sensation. Typically occurring in the same location with each episode, it can often be traced along the nerve pathway. Sometimes weakness or impaired function in the affected area occurs and the skin may be either overly sensitive or numb and lack feeling.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been used to treat neurological disorders with pain and inflammation for hundreds of years. Not only can the pain from these and other neurological conditions be debilitating in its intensity, but pain medications are also generally ineffective in treating the discomfort. Fortunately acupuncture is very effective at relieving the pain and restoring normal function and can provide relief, stability and management for many chronic neurological disorders.

Some common neurological disorders are: trigeminal neuralgia and Bell's palsy, headaches including migraines, tension headaches, headaches occurring around the menstrual cycle, sinus headaches and stress-related headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica and low back pain, peripheral and diabetic neuropathy which often affects

the feet and lower legs. 
Other conditions may be chronic and degenerative in nature, such as, MS, ALS, and Parkinson's disease.

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Women's Health

Balance, Support, Revive

We are dedicated to helping women be the healthiest they can be, through all stages of their lives.  

From the onset of puberty through menopause and beyond we have gentle, effective treatments to address your healthcare needs.

Some of the issues we commonly see in our office include:


irritability, depression, anxiety, insomnia and restlessness, cramps, low back pain, breast tenderness, headaches, gas, bloating, digestive upset, acne, and breakouts

Irregular menstruation and cycles

Amenorrhea (lack of period), Dysmenorrhea (painful period), Menorrhagia (heavy period), long, short or variable cycles

Infections, Viruses & Overgrowth Issues

yeast infections, urinary tract infections, HPV, interstitial cystitis

PCOS, uterine fibroids, polyps and cysts, endometriosis

Fertility Support

Cycle regulation and optimization due to lack of ovulation (anovulation), luteal phase deficiency, endometriosis, PCOS, promote conception by boosting blood flow to the pelvic organs, normalizing FSH levels, balancing estrogen and progesterone levels, increasing follicle size and improving and strengthening the lining of the uterus; therefore, promoting conception and a healthy, full-term pregnancy



morning sickness, heartburn, sciatica, low back pain, body discomfort, insomnia, fatigue


Postpartum Support 

depression, anxiety, fatigue, insufficient lactation, hormonal balance

Perimenopausal & Menopausal Support 

hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, irritability, insomnia, weight gain, mood support

Healing Stones

Emotional Health
Stress & Burnout

Soothe, Support, Revive & Balance

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs have been successfully treating mental health care concerns for thousands of years with no side effects.  We all experience some degree of difficulty in our lifetimes, but it can be debilitating when it is chronic and interferes with our daily lives.


Acupuncture can help to bring back an emotional balance to your life.  The world health organization recognizes acupuncture for its effectiveness in successfully treating depression and other mental health concerns through research done in clinical trials.

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