Botanical Foot Soaks

“When a tree dies, it’s the roots that die first, when a person ages, it is the feet that age first”

– Ancient Chinese proverb

Our Roots, medicinal botanical foot soaks, benefit many health concerns including diabetic neuropathy, high blood pressure, immune system function, and lymph flow, skin conditions like acne and rosacea, digestive upset, acute and chronic pain, and tension, stress, insomnia, micro-circulation, metabolism, energy and fatigue issues, and endocrine system dysfunction including gynecological issues. 

For thousands of years, people in Asia have relied on foot soaks to support and enhance their physical and emotional well-being. If you have pain (anywhere, not just in your feet), neuropathy, or poor blood circulation, this therapy will be part of your program. 


Medicinal foot soaks promote and stabilize circulation, they are recommended for not only pain and inflammation but also internal health conditions that are chronic and keep coming back.

We have partnered with experts in Chinese medicinal and herbal pharmacology to offer the most potent and effective plant-based medicinals available on Earth. Discover the rich history, extensive research, and pharmacology behind our botanical formulations and how we seamlessly integrate modern biomedical approaches with the long-standing methods of traditional Chinese medicine. 

The herbals in our foot soak formulations work together to act directly on the blood vessels of the feet but circulate to benefit the entire body: promoting circulation of blood and fluids within the vessels, dredging the body's intracellular waste and debris to encourage the clearing of congested metabolic waste and expelling toxins, removing stasis and restoring the natural healthy flow within the body.

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Listen to the Podcasts and watch the video provided by our partner's Botanical Biohacking, to learn more about the pharmaceutical quality and safety of our medicinal foot soaks and other botanical formulas and find out how these amazing herbal therapies can help you.

Roots: FAQ's

The Road to a Better You

​Circulation, Chronic Pain & Inflammation 

Feet arches need to be soft. Fascia and muscles of our feet act like interacting arches. As you take a step, you create a spiral of force that is easy and supports the body. Once you lose that elasticity of your feet, if your arches are rigid, a zig-zag of shock occurs and creates pain throughout the body. This force moves through the ankle to knee to low back to the spine and neck, blood not circulating fluidly. It makes you not want to get up and move around, which becomes a vicious cycle that can lead to many chronic diseases.

Roots botanical foot soaks restore and benefit the conditions of the foot with pharmaceutical-grade botanicals.


The action of the heat and the herbs encourages the heart to pump blood a little bit faster. The foot soaks mimic a brisk walk so, this is perfect for someone who is injured or in pain. Proper circulation is crucial for our lungs, muscles, heart, and entire endocrine system to function at their best.

Inflammation causes the immune system to engage and accelerate the aging process. A snow globe of sediment settles and does not nourish the body. Anything that is outside of the cells, will tend to sediment downward. The heart pumps blood via the arteries and pushes blood throughout the body, but, it depends on our muscular movement to bring that blood back.


Once we are injured, or spend more time sitting down, we eventually get poor venous return. The blood that is going out and being used isn’t coming back. We get a lot of “dead blood” that is not carrying oxygen or nutrients and as a result, it will die.


This dead tissue is getting coagulated and sticky. This is what sets the stage for chronic inflammation, aging, potential for strokes and heart attacks.


Once we get an area of the body that is inflamed and the platelets of the body become sticky, that inflammation causes the immune system to engage and it accelerates the aging process.


Picture a tree rotting at its base. Similarly, we age by accumulating garbage and debris which start to interact with the Fascia of our feet and stays there causing more congestion and more inflammation.


What to Expect


Result: blood pressure drops ½ hour after soaks, increases fluid and blood circulation and supports nerve health, overall relaxation, the release of stress, and clearance of metabolic cellular waste and toxin.  

If you have high blood pressure and you soak for 45 mins, you may see a temporary increase in blood pressure.


Benefits: Research has shown a 97.5% effective rate in diabetic neuropathy, reduces high blood pressure, improves immune system flow and function, clears skin conditions (acne, rosacea), improves and regulates digestion, relieves pain and inflammation in the body, tension, eases stress, insomnia, improves micro-circulation of the vessels, enhances metabolism, relieves fatigue, and affects the endocrine system.


How To Soak & Helpful Hints


Not for metastatic cancer; infection, heart disease, bleeding, any condition that is worse with circulation.

Not advisable for

Extremely hungry people (eat snacks before), sudden low blood sugar crashes, not long term for children because it’s too warming, (constipation 1-2 foot soaks), don’t do under drafts or outside, avoid within 30 mins of a full meal.


The sensation of the Roots Foot Soaks occurs in stages for most patients. You will feel heat throughout the feet and perhaps up to the shins at first. Over a couple of weeks, you may feel the warmth between the kidneys, a pulsing feeling, eventually spreading throughout the entire body as it impacts circulation and clears out the cellular congestion that has been obstructing proper blood and lymph flow.


Between 100-110 F degrees is suggested. (38-41 C) Do not soak feet in water warmer than 115 degrees. Keep adding hot water to maintain warmth throughout the treatment. Placing a blanket over your lap will help keep the temperature at the ideal level. At home use a thermometer and add hot water every 10 minutes or so to maintain warmth. 100-105 is a good place to start. Promoting sweating and staying warm is key!


Water Basin

Use one that covers the ankles. At-home foot spas are excellent but, a comfortable dishpan or bucket works as well.

Avoid bronze or iron because it reacts chemically with herbs. We want to keep the herbs in their most natural form.



Begin with 2-3 Botanical Sachets in each soak. Bring 4-6 cups of water and the sachets to a boil then simmer for 15-20 minutes. Carefully pour hot water into a soaking bucket and add cool water to reach the desired temperature and water height. Carefully place feet in the water, place a blanket overlap and relax.  


Soak 20-30 mins for general health. Chronic pain, hypertension, hormonal imbalances soak up to 45 mins or

advised by your herbalist.

Treatment Plan

Foot Soak Series will vary depending on the severity and length of time the complaint has been an issue. Commonly an initial foot soak series is recommended 3-5 times a week for 2-6 weeks to start and then repeated as needed.

Multiple series may be needed for more chronic long term issues.


Go ahead!

Grab a comfortable chair, breathe deeply and relax.

It's time to relax and begin your healing process.