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The Firefly Acupuncture and Wellness team is comprised of qualified health and wellness specialists ready to put their knowledge and focus towards helping you reach your goals. All of our team members believe in establishing an energy balance and flow within your mind and body.


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Rachal Lohr L.Ac, Dipl.OM, MSTOM

Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Acupuncturist, Clinical Herbalist & Founder of Firefly

Rachal has a special interest in working with people struggling with Chronic complex health conditions, particularly Lyme Disease, and Autoimmune Disorders, many of which have not been well understood within the conventional Western Medical paradigm alone and are often left with debilitating symptoms and no support. Rachal's primary focus is to aid in bridging traditional medicine with modern biomedical research and medicine to expand and enrich our current approaches in modern healthcare and improve the quality of life and success rates of chronic and

pervasive modern illnesses.

Living in Loudoun County, one of the top counties in the nation for Lyme, has driven her to not only bring awareness of these often devastating conditions to the community but also act as a beacon of hope and possibility for those people in need of more effective and long term treatment solutions to their chronic debilitating illnesses. People are searching for answers to chronic health concerns, often after going from doctor to doctor looking for answers. Because of this Rachal has made it her top priority to provide her patients with the most effective tools for prevention, treatment, and symptom maintenance available, often combining traditional and modern biomedical research to find cutting-edge solutions for people suffering from chronic complex issues.

Over the years this has lead Rachal to collaborate with some of the best acupuncturists, herbalists, and biomedical doctors in the country. She part of a growing tribe of healthcare practitioners, blending traditional methods with modern research of herbal pharmacology, the human microbiome, and gasotransmitters, to find treatment approaches

for chronic complex issues.

​​She specializes in Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, and Complex Conditions especially focused on chronic inflammation, dysbiosis, and the Microbiota - Gut-Brain Connection. Rachal's years of expertise and thorough understanding and knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine allow her to design and manage treatment plans specifically tailored to help her patients live pain-free and improve and maintain their health with long-lasting benefits and improvements in their quality of life.


Terri comes from an extensive background in human resources, always seeking ways to assist and serve others.  She has a strong interest in holistic medicine, natural herbal remedies and Eastern philosophy.  

Her goal is to help others in finding solutions that uses a balanced approach that utilizes both Eastern and Western practices.  Terri strives to make a significant impact in the lives of our patients and families with dedicated communication that fosters lasting relationships.    

Terri loves meeting new people and hearing their stories.  

Her favorite season is summer and she enjoys hiking, being out on the boat, by the campfire or dipping her toes in a lake or ocean.  You can often find her cooking up a storm, reading a book, traveling or at the yoga studio.  She recently completed her 200-hour yoga teaching certification so she can share her passion of yoga, breath and movement with others.  

Office Manager and Patient Coordinator 

Rose Hanan, LMT, NCMT

Rose Hanan LMT, NCMT

Rose Hanan Massage & Reiki
Sharing Our Office with Us

Rose graduated from the Virginia School of Massage and became Nationally Certified in 2001. 

She has been practicing full-time since 2001. She has a full and robust practice and is grateful that her clients include her in their health and wellness routine.

She charges for her time, 30, 60  or 90 minute massages. She uses every tool she has to relieve your discomfort. In any session she will use Myofascial Release, switch into Swedish, find a tight muscle- address it with deep tissue, feel an adhesion- use TP therapy or MAT or Cups or Hot Rocks or all of the above. If she feels that it is needed she will apply an essential oil for stress, pain or inflammation or just because you like the smell of it.


She does everything she is capable of to get you feeling as well as possible. She knows that this policy is why she is blessed with a great clientele that truly values everything she does.

Schedule an appointment with Rose through her website at www.RoseHananNCMT.com

Terri Mullen

Foggy Lake

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