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Allergies No More!

Get Relief from Allergies Naturally

Spring allergies can be a real drag!

When we see Zyrtec commercials of happy people frolicking in fields of pollen with no apparent symptoms of allergies then it seems like that's our best option...

But before you reach for the anti-histamine medications, try these alternatives to support your immune system and provide relief from inflammation and congestion by encouraging your body's own natural healing mechanisms rather than suppressing them.

Acupuncture Supports the Immune System Acupuncture can relieve symptoms of allergies like congestion, sore throat, itchy red eyes, headaches, and fatigue as well as prevent allergy attacks from occurring in the first place. Dr. Weil promotes acupuncture for allergy relief too. Research has found that acupuncture increases the T-Cell count which is instrumental in supporting the immune system! Time magazine also ran a great article on acupuncture and allergy relief! Don't forget to ask Rachal about Chinese herbal formulas and supplements like Wind Tea, Aquada, Microgard, Allerease, Wind Pearls, Perilla and Golden Pearls , D-Hist, Colloidal Silver Spray and Isatis Gold to help relieve and prevent allergies. 

A Colorful Diet is Beautiful!

Eating a variety of foods support your body in a comprehensive way!

White foods (mushrooms, garlic, daikon radish) will strengthen the immune system.

Orange foods (carrots, sweet potato, turmeric) prevent inflammation.

Local Honey strengthen the immune system relieve seasonal allergies Honey includes trace enzymes, minerals, amino acids, and vitamins, honey is antibiotic, antiseptic, antifungal, and packed with polyphenols and infection-fighting antioxidants, all of which deliver significant health benefits. 

Green foods (kale, celery, cucumber) detoxify the body.

Red foods (red pepper, tomatoes, cherries) improve the cardiovascular system.

Yellow foods (banana, lemon, pineapple) fortify skin elasticity.

Purple foods (eggplant, grapes, purple cabbage) protect the nervous system. 

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I'm Always Exposed to Allergens! So, what's the answer to this situation? If you're sensitive to certain allergens and can't seem to escape them there are solutions.  At the end of the day, remove your allergen-saturated clothes and take a shower and put on freshly laundered clothes.Exercise later in the day outside when the pollen count is lower. Trees/plants give off pollen first thing in the morning.Invest in HEPA filters in your home filtration as well your vacuum. If pollen is a major issue then close the windows and use the air conditioner.Eat local honey because it helps desensitize your body from pollen allergies.Seasonal Acupuncture to help pre and sustain you through the allergy season.Chinese Herbal Formulations and Supplements support your immune system and keep up your defenses.

More Options...

Each person is unique and has specific needs so, we always look to treat every individual in a comprehensively tailored way.

Especially with allergies we want to keep inflammation low and support the immune system while promoting the flow of the lymph.

Here are a few easy ways to

do this daily:

1: Take a fish oil supplement-we like

Nordic Naturals.

2. Use a saline rinse (aka neti pot) for your nasal passages.

The USDA has a few helpful guidelinesthat can help you.

3. Cut down on red meat and dairy.Unfortunately, antibiotics are a main staple for these agricultural products so minimize your ingestion to them as much as possible.

4. Take 500 mg of turmeric spice (found in the spice aisle of the market) or curcumin (found at the health food store).

Featured Herbal Formula - Wind Tea

San Ren Tang + Xiao Chai Hu Tang

Wind works to break down biofilms, mold, fungus, and other invading microbes weighing down the entire immune system while promoting the proper flow of the lymph pathways to secure and support you.

Wind provides support for many issues including Allergies, weak immune system, recurrent colds and flu, weak or sensitive digestive systems, Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue, Lyme and Mold toxicity and autoimmune disorders.

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