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Healthy Holidays Survival Guide- Part 2: How to Stay Healthy While Enjoying the Season

Simple Strategies to Stay Healthy and Enjoy the Holiday Season

Take Time for Self-Care and to De-stress A family argument about politics? A crazy checkout line?  Drama about who will host the neighborhood New Year’s Eve party?  Trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list and stick to your budget? The holidays are a wonderful time, but can certainly be stressful! Not only is stress just no fun, but it also suppresses the immune system, can lead to weight gain, wear on our emotions and interfere with our hormonal balance. You don't want to make it to January and feel exhausted just as the New Year is beginning! Let us help you through the end of the year so you can start the new year (and new decade!) off on the right foot.

Serenity Tea

Stress Relief, Burnout Prevention, Digestive & Hormonal Support

Serenity is derived from a traditional formula named Xiao Yao San, or Free and Easy Wanderer. It aids in regulating the stress chemical cortisol in the body. It does this by helping the liver to breakdown excessive levels of cortisol from the nervous system.  A little stress is a good thing, but too much causes problems like anxiety, depression, loss of motivation, fatigue, body pain and insomnia. ​ Modern research is now supporting what traditional doctors have known for hundreds of years. This formula has been used to help relieve stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and most recently, jet lag. ​ Serenity encourages a healthy balance of body systems for improved and sustained health and wellness in a number of ways by: Regulating melatonin and nitric oxide pathways to support healthy sleeping habits and reduce depressive-like behavior, effect dopamine levels to provide pain relief and support a healthy mood and has balancing effects on cortisol, the HPA-axis and positive effects on Noradrenaline.

CBD Products Full Spectrum Extract

Good Life Botanicals unique products combine whole plant extract hemp with therapeutic levels of Chinese herbs. Their time-tested formulas utilize the multiple benefits provided by whole plant extract hemp interacting with the body and with herbs – allowing for quicker absorption and relief based results. Relief Oils The original whole plant extract hemp product – Relief Oil – was created for the hardworking, chronic pain patient. They combined 100% organic or wildcrafted essential oils, Chinese herbs, and whole plant extract hemp to create a product that worked to alleviate pain quickly. Additional products, Relief Deep, Relief Red and Evil Bone Relief, were developed in response to our patient’s needs experienced in the clinic. The rollers were designed to apply the oil to any surface on the body in an easy and clean way. Just roll on – roll as much as you need, the more your roll the more product you use. Mg Butter The best-selling Mg Butter was created to help soothe growing pains. We have young children, and while the original Relief worked most of the time for their aches and pains – it sometimes wouldn’t cut it. Knowing that growing bones and muscles need magnesium and that using it can help alleviate pain, they created Mg Butter. It is a thicker, softer salve that combines all the herbs and oils of the original Relief with 200mg of magnesium chloride Chinese Herbs Our not-so-secret ingredients – 100% wild crafted and sustainable harvested Chinese herbs. Good Life Botanicals are one of the few that have access to these amazing herbs, that up until now, have been reserved for the wealthy in China. Because of how these herbs are cultivated, harvest and wildcrafted – their healing properties are preserved and bioavailable. This is what separates Good Life Botanicals from everyone else.

Movement, Breath Work & Holding Space

Legs up the wall yoga pose

This incredibly simple yoga pose pushes your body into its relaxed state (parasympathetic mode). It’s also great for lymphatic flow and so benefits your body’s natural detox processes — bonus!

Just get down on the floor, scoot your booty up against the wall, throw your legs up against the wall and keep them there for at least 3 minutes.

While you’re down there, close your eyes take some deep breathes to further unwind.

Alternate nostril breathing, Sighing and Yawning or a good Yoga or Tai Chi Class

This simple breathing technique also pushes your body into parasympathetic mode.

Here’s how to do it:

Find a quiet place where you can sit undisturbed for a few minutes.Cover one of your nostrils and take a slow, deep breath in through the other nostril for 8 seconds.Then cover the other nostril (through which you just inhaled), and exhale through the nostril you were just covering again for 8 seconds.Keep that same nostril covered and now breathe in through the nostril that you just used to exhale.Continue on for at least 10 reps.

Maintaining boundaries & Saying “No” when it’s appropriate

Is attending that cocktail party or coordinating the neighborhood cookie swap going to stress you out?

If you just can’t make it, you just can’t make it!

The party will go on without you. Make sure you remember to care about yourself and listen to your gut. If you need some space, take it.

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