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Holidays Survival Guide-Part 1 How to Stay Healthy While Enjoying the Season

The Season for food, family, friends, celebration, gratitude, and cheer is upon us! The holidays can be a wonderful time but they also bring their own set of challenges…too much food, too many parties, too much stress, and too little time. In addition to all of this potential activity the darkness, and cold weather can lead to physical and emotional turmoil and taxation that can zap our well being and leave us feeling more tired, stressed, bloated, moody, more prone to colds and flu's and overall rundown by the time the New Year is upon us. It can be a particularly challenging time of the year to stay committed to and on track with your health and wellness. We want you to go into the holiday season confident, knowledgeable, and prepared to tackle anything all of that Holiday Cheer may throw your way.

Sweet Change is a natural herbal tincture spray to help manage food cravings and addictions.

Made with an exclusive blend of Chinese herbs, it is a revolutionary product that helps break patterns and unwanted habits to initiate transformation with regards to food cravings and addictions. Used as a unique tool, it can eliminate cravings, support blood sugar levels, detoxify the liver, and help calm the mind. Also helpful as a weight loss tool to combat stress eating, it blocks the sweet taste of sweets and sugar and helps to neutralize the dietary effects of sugar.

Giving your liver some extra love between the hot toddies, mulled wine and spiked eggnog

Give your Gut and your Liver a little extra love while they are working overtime during the holidays!

Sugar spikes and alcohol both tax the liver. Add Dandelion Root Tea to your daily routine Dandelion root thins and stimulates bile flow and is my personal favorite liver- and detox-supporting herb. Plus a mug of hot dandelion root tea is perfect during the cold winter months! Adding this to your daily routine is an incredibly simple way to boost your liver health. Give your digestive system a break with an overnight 12-hour fast This isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds — a typical overnight 12-hour fast runs from 7 pm to 7 am, 7-8 hours of which time you’ll be asleep! This gives your digestive system a break and allows your body to instead focus on detoxification during this time when you liver is most active — while you’re sleeping. When you have celebrated to your hearts content, but maybe your digestion isn't as's time for some Herbal Support. For when you eat foods that you shouldn't and you need to calm, soothe and restore the digestive system. You will want to have Microgard, Microgard Plus or Aquada on hand. (Ask us which one is right for you!!)

Microgard, Microgard Plus and Aquada A dream team of 7 experts from 2 universities are seeing to levels of detail that aren’t recorded in herb books. This is where science meets art using the best quality herbs on Earth! The herbal pills are hand rolled and preservative free AND help absolve you of your dietary sins! (How can you not love these!) These formulas was designed to deal with gastrointestinal complaints stemming from modern dietary practices which lead to issues of phlegm, dampness and food stagnation. These may include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, abdominal pain or cramping, abdominal discomfort, bloating, food sensitivities, indigestion and hangover. Basically designed for fixing the gut of those on the Standard American Diet. They stimulates an increase in digestive enzymes and increases absorption of cholesterol. It also helps breakdown proteins, fats and sugars in the body. Contains herbs that kill pathogens like e.coli, salmonella, candida, etc. Helps protect the lining of the intestines and for folks with food sensitivities/leaky gut. They are a must have for any and all digestive issues!

Keeping your skin hydrated is vital to putting your best face forward at holiday celebrations The dry Autumn and Winter air plus cranking up the heat indoors can do a number on the skin, causing it to become dry and irritated. More than likely, dull, dry, flaky, red, and wrinkly aren’t exactly the look you’re going for during holiday celebrations! First! Make sure you are DRINKING your Water. While delicious, coffee and caffeinated teas don't count! On average most people should be drinking HALF of their body weight in Ounces DAILY. Are you consistently hitting that goal? If not, you may be chronically dehydrated and you'll see it reflected in your skin. Hydrate from the inside out and then let our topical herbal creams take care of the rest! Hydrate, then Moisturize Your Skin Remember: skin hydration and skin moisture are very different, and we need both to keep skin healthy and smooth, and dryness away. Hydration comes from water whereas moisture comes from oil and in the cold winter months, it’s key to replenish skin hydration and then lock that hydration in with moisture. Huang Qi Astragulus Cream Our premium, high potency Huang Qi Cream increases micro circulation to improve immune function of the skin and speed skin repair and recovery. Restoring healthy tissue and increasing collagen formation to maintain firm and youthful skin. Our unique, rich facial cream uses the healing properties of astragulus (huang qi) to support collagen development, moisturize the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles plus repairs dry, cracked and tender skin and prevent acne breakouts and reduce scarring . We’ve found that our patients love how their skin soaks up the cream without feeling oily. Huang Qi keeps the skin hydrated, refreshed and fortified all day and night. Emily Skin Soothers Emily Baby and Adult Skin Soother helps with: Dry-type Eczema, Flaking dry psoriasis, Cracked hands and cuticles, Dry cracked heels, Rosacea and Diaper rash. All of these skin issues have overlapping qualities. They all are types of dryness and heat in the skin. Made with olive oil, beeswax, plus a variety of Chinese herbals depending on the type selected. NO colors, or chemicals added, just a few simple, effective ingredients.

Look for Part 2 of our Holiday Survival Guide Newsletter to help you through December and the New Year in just a few weeks!

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