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Living in Harmony with Winter

The winter season is a time for recuperation. Our body wants to slow down, our energy is a little lower, we want to sleep more and we crave warm, heartier foods. How can you be in harmony with the winter season? By recognizing and accepting our connection to nature and supporting your health in special ways, you can thrive! In Chinese medicine, the Kidneys should be nurtured most at this time as they hold our energetic reserves that will keep us going for the upcoming new year.

The Kidneys Kidneys are considered to be one of the most important organs in your body. They are the organ system of growth, maturation, sexuality, fertility, and aging. Within Chinese medicine the Kidneys aren't just the Kidneys! There are subcategories and classifications which heavily influence and regulate the endocrine system - including the HPA axis (hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis!) and thyroid.

Body systems that are easily effected by burnout and stress! Like a seed which holds the potential of an entire plant, your Kidneys hold the genetic blueprint of who you are and how healthy and strong you will be. Nourishing and Supporting the Kidneys is essential for long term well being. The Kidney is considered the most deep-seated of all your internal organs, and for good reason. It’s the root of all substances in your body and is responsible for providing the tools you require to fulfill your deepest needs: survival and reproduction. Learn 6 ways that you can support your Kidney energy. Our Favorite Wake Me Up Ginger Tea Drink this daily in the morning to keep you warm, boost your immune system and benefit your digestion! Peel and roughly slice 4-5 chunks of ginger root and add it to a 4-6 cup pot of water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Drink a few ounces of this Ginger tea daily. Simply place a few ounces in a mug and add hot water to warm up. Sip on it each morning to get your day started right! (The mixture will keep in the fridge for 4-5 days) Kidney Supporting Foods The Kidneys house the root of our energy - the energetic fire that activates all our body's functions. So, diet is essential for good health! According to the doctrine of signatures to treat the root and core choose nutrient dense foods and spices that are roots, seeds and the deepest part of the plant (underground veggies!) or animal and earth-including minerals. Roots, Seeds, Bones, Marrow, Broth and foods high in oils and shaped like a kidney, brain or egg or dark in color (think black, purple, dark green) all help to maintain and support Kidney function. Here are a few Foods to get you started: Squashes, Root vegetables, Winter greens, Mushrooms, Apples and Pears, Nuts, Beans-Kidney, Mung, Black and Grains- Millet, Barley, Job's Tears. Dandelions, Marshmallow Root, Nettle Tea, Parsley, Red Clover, Turmeric, Pumpkin Seeds, Black currant juice, Cranberry Juice, Grapes, Spirulina ,Blueberries, Asparagus, Sauerkraut, Magnesium, Himalayan Sea Salt Fermented vegetables are a naturally preserved food that are wonderful to add beneficial enzymes and healthy bacteria to our diet. Soups made from vegetables and rich stocks made from animal bones are nourishing in this season. Try this nourishing Bone broth recipe! As for cooking methods, it is best to bake, roast, stew and slow-cook foods to make nutrients more easily assimilated and absorbed. Warming Spices such as cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cardamom are delicious to add to many winter recipes and hot drinks. #Winter #Soups #Stews #FermentedFoods #Kidneys

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