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Preparing for Cold & Flu Season - Autumn Allergy Support

Autumn is Here! ...And so are Colds & Allergies from Mold, Ragweed & Seasonal Colds

There is no need to worry! Here are a few ways to support your defenses and keep that lymph flowing and immune system working as best as it can to stay healthy through Autumn and Winter.

Keep the colds, flus and sinus congestion and mucus away while cultivating your inner microbiome to ease you into Autumn and allow you to enjoy all the cooler months have to offer. Looking for any easy way to tackle your cold or a daily solution to strengthen your defenses? Wind Tea Our favorite way to treat nasty colds and flus and support the immune system by reducing generalized inflammatory responses & killing off unwanted viruses, bacteria & mold. We brew, serve and sip this all day long in the clinic this time of year and many people choose to keep it on hand throughout the season!

Wind is a combination of two famous Chinese herbal formulas: Xiao Chai Hu Tang and San Ren Tang. It addresses the viruses, bacteria and mold toxicity that can overwhelm our immune systems during the cooler months and seasonal transitions and we use it for Springtime allergies too. How to use Wind Tea: For Prevention. When living or working near people with colds or flying on an airplane: 1-2 teabags per day. For exposure to moldy homes and buildings or for a mild cold: 2-3 teabags per day. For more serious colds or Fibromyalgia flares, especially with moving pain: 3-4 teabags per day to reduce symptoms and limit the duration. For a terrible Cold or Flu with fever: 5-6 teabags per day. (and check in with us, we have additional herbals to blend with the Wind to give it a power punch) The teabags can be simmered in boiling water for 20 minutes and strained, or re-brew the same bags several times, until no flavor is left, to get the most benefit from the herbals.

It may sound odd but late summer and early Autumn are the perfect time to

MOVE and SWEAT! When we don't sweat, it throws off our immune system. As humans we are designed to detoxify and move our fluids and metabolism by excreting fluids. One exceptional way of maintaining this cycle and preparing ourselves for the Winter months is to SWEAT Daily and MOVE after each meal! (Making sure to dry off and cover up afterwards) Take a brisk walk around the block after each meal, get in at least 100 steps or more. This improves digestive function and relieves lymph congestion to support your digestive microbiome movement and diversity and move unwanted microbes up and out of the body. Work on creating a new habit! Give yourself 10 minutes a day to take a quiet moment and do some breathing exercises and/or Qi Gong to get your blood flowing and kick your immune system into gear. Start with the basics! Modified Sighing and Yawning engage your lymph, digestive and immune functions to build your defenses from the inside out! Want to learn how to use your breath to support your health? Come on in and we'll show you how to get started! Qi Gong literally means 'gas work'. It helps to distribute the gases and fluids of your body to support your health. Start with this basic movement to see how easy a few movements can be and how you can fold them into your day in 5-10 minutes increments. We can all find the time for that! Start with gently shaking your body and limbs side to side, slowly rotating in a gentle spiral action, working your way down from head to toe. Just 5 minutes a day with help you feel looser, lighter and give you more energy. You can do these activities anywhere....add some movement and get a light sweat on without disrupting your day to improve your health and keep you healthy!

Sichuan Peppercorns This tinging, pain soothing, mold killing spice has been treasured for over 4,000 years. Sichuan peppercorns are prized for killing mold and microbes that inflame and overwhelm the body's immune system and lymph flow. Reducing inflammation and cultivating the gut's microbiome. Don't forget 70% of your immune system is in your gut! Keeping a balanced internal GI terrain and microbial diversity is key to staying healthy! A few dashes a day keep the mold at bay, killing off microbes trying to invade your system and promoting a healthy diversity of beneficial microbes in your gut. Because of this Sichuan Peppercorns ability to reduce inflammation they are powerful pain relievers and support healthy blood sugar levels. Masterfully easing pain and providing relief to moving and wandering pain that is often worse with dampness and cold weather. Listen to the Podcast describing how these beautiful peppercorns can work for you in your daily life. Our loose Tibetan Premium peppercorns will be available in early October in handy packets with individual grinders for ease in adding a sprinkle to any meal! Plus these premium peppercorns are already found in our office in our favorite pain relieving topical roll-on ....Relief RED from Good Life Botanicals

Featured Acupuncture Point for Digestive & Immune Support Don't underestimate the power of Stomach 40 It is one of the most important acupuncture points there is for the immune system. ST 40 is known as the Phlegm point. It helps resolve phlegm throughout the body. Commonly used in treating cases of: Cough, excessive phlegm and mucus, fluid metabolism, digestive support, asthma, epilepsy, headaches, dizziness, and weakness of the lower extremities. Strengthen and energize your digestion and immunity while clearing fluid congestion within the body

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