Moving Forward with TeleHealth

Telehealth consultations are available for established and new patients of all ages. 

Chinese medicine is an important tool in fostering health and wellness and we are committed to supporting our community's healthcare needs through distance consultations. 

We encourage everyone to remember that your health doesn't have to suffer during times of stress and social distancing and you can even use this time to make yourself stronger with radical self-care support from the comfort of your own home. 

Because we specialize in chronic pain, infections, and complex health conditions we know your problems and pains don't disappear when we become isolated from our community and

are often aggravated with stress and inability to get care.

That is why we are committed to ensuring continuity of care and support in and outside of our office. 

We craft unique herbal medicine care plans for our patients to find effective relief and help reach their health and wellness goals.

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Our herbal plans include botanical medicine, vitamin and supplement recommendations, dietary and lifestyle counseling, and self-care techniques, including gasotransmitter therapies, to help you maximize your results and reach your therapeutic health goals using time-tested traditional methods and modern biomedical research and techniques.

Our board-certified Chinese medicine practitioner and herbalist crafts a personalized treatment plan for each patient after their initial consultation, via video chat, to ensure a clear road map on your journey toward better health.

Herbal formulas are administered in the form of warm medicinal teas, capsules, topical liniments

and salves and foot soaks. 

We offer safe plant-based therapy and premium quality botanicals and professional-grade supplements from carefully selected vendors that guarantee no heavy metals or pesticides

and rigorous testing of their herbal products. Herbal prescriptions and dosing are

carefully managed and may be picked up or shipped to you. 


We provide effective solutions to stop your suffering and support your health needs.

Reach out to us if you are ready to reclaim your health and start your journey towards better health and brighter days!

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