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Find Relief from 
Women's Health Issues

Firefly Acupuncture and Wellness specializes in treating a variety of women's health and reproductive issues. No matter how long you have been suffering or how severe your condition is, we are here for you.

For ALL the Phases of Women's Lives

A woman's reproductive health impacts her mental health, ability to function comfortably, reproductive resilience and

much more.  From menarche to menopause women have unique physiologies and unique health challenges.

Every woman deserves to understand how her body works and be given the tools to take control of their health

and experience smooth, comfortable, and healthy cycles and phases of life.  


Whether it’s the terrible disappointment of unexplained infertility, the pain and menstrual irregularities of endometriosis, fibroids or dysmenorrhea due to hormonal shifts and dysregulation, or the hot flashes, insomnia and many other possible discomforts of perimenopause and menopause, we are here to help!

At Firefly Acupuncture and Wellness we specialize in difficult to treat, seemingly

“hopeless” cases that haven’t responded to standard medical therapies.

Our patients have been everywhere else, prescribed medications that simply don’t work,

and told that's the way it goes and to “just live with it.” 

Lead by Rachal Lohr, LAc, a renowned authority when it comes to women's reproductive health concerns,

Firefly Acupuncture and Wellness provides dynamic, comprehensive treatment programs combining the science of

acupuncture with other non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical medical solutions to address the toughest cases.

Our team has very high success rates and we would like to help you too.


Over a cup of tea

Menstrual  Health

Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Hormonal Imbalances






Fibroids & Cysts

Recurrent Infections

Interstitial Cystitis

Young Couple

Fertility and Conception

Improve chances of natural conception

Balance and Support Hormones

IVF/ IUI Support

Irregular Menstrual Cycle


PCOS, Endometriosis and Fibroids 


High FSH / Low Ovarian Reserve

Poor Egg Quality

Recurrent Miscarriage

Male factors such as - Low sperm count,

volume and mobility

Continued support through all stages of pregnancy

Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink

Pregnancy and Postpartum

Pregnancy Support

Morning Sickness 

Mood Swings




Heartburn and Digestive Upset

Low Back, Hip and Body Aches & Pains 

Preparation for Labor and Delivery

Postpartum Depression 

Postpartum Recovery

Friends Having Fun

Perimenopause & Menopause

Hormonal Regulation and Support

Hot Flashes

Night Sweats

Mood Changes


Insomnia and Sleep Problems

Irregular Cycles & Bleeding Issues

Body Aches and Pains

Weight Gain and Slowed Metabolism

Thinning Hair and Dry Skin

and more...

Our Treatments 


While acupuncture is amazing at treating any type of pain condition, in the hands of a well trained practitioner like Firefly founder Rachal Lohr, L.Ac., it has many broader applications.

ATP Resonance BioTherapy™

ATP Resonance Therapy™ is a non-invasive and painless technique for treating pain and other chronic conditions by using low-level electrical currents. ATP’s various frequencies can be used to reduce pain, inflammation, swelling and repair tissue.

Physicians Grade Herbs & Supplements

The types of supplements that we prescribe have been effectively used for thousands of years and our doctor has a minimum of 4 years professional training in prescribing these types of supplements. Our powerful herbal formulas can be taken internally in capsule, pill or powder form. They can also be used topically on the skin for certain conditions.

O3 ReBoot Therapy™

O3 ReBoot Therapy™ has been shown to be very successful for chronic conditions. Your body has the ability heal itself, sometimes it just needs a push in the right direction.

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