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Hormonal Support

I came to Firefly Acupuncture with a hormone imbalance that I'd had for twenty years. I experienced improvement from the beginning and three months later have very minor if any symptoms. I also have experienced tremendous relief from chronic sinus issues.

- C.S.

Pain Relief

After seeking relief for over 2 years via traditional means for my Plantar Fasciitis, with little to no improvement, I decided to give acupuncture a try. While it is not an instant cure, after a couple months, I was pain free. I could actually get out of bed in the morning without the stabbing feeling I had become too accustomed to. I sometimes have mild flare ups, which can be resolved with a few visits. 

 I've also encouraged my kids with Athletic injuries to come, and we generally see faster healing and a quick decrease in pain and discomfort. 

- L.D.

Fertility & Post Partum

I went to Firefly Acupuncture for infertility. My husband and I failed three previous cycles of IVF and other interventions over the course of two years. I was exhausted, sad and frustrated!

I made an appointment with Rachal and within 3 months I was pregnant.


We were amazed and so very happy!

Rachal helped us to make our family and lives complete and we will be forever grateful!

I continued acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and also post partum. Wonderful experience

and miraculous outcome!

- K.B.

Success Stories

"Acupuncture has been a saving grace for me!"

I have dealt with lower back pain and knee pain for at least 15 years. I've had two surgeries to address both. Although the surgeries both helped I found that physical therapy alone did not help in the long term. Acupuncture has been a saving grace for me! My pain and discomfort levels plummeted if I keep up with weekly acupuncture sessions. There is a reason that acupuncture has been around for thousands of's because it works!

- K.Z.

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Autoimmune Support 

Happy Woman

Firefly Acupuncture and Wellness has completely changed my life. Rachal has helped me with a course of action to help treat and deal with my autoimmune disorder. Acupuncture and herbs has transformed my digestion and stress levels. My hormones have improved more than I could have ever imagined. Only one month into acupuncture treatments, I got my cycle back, after missing it for seven months straight due to cortisol and adrenal dysfunction. Rachal has helped me fore than any traditional, functional or holistic doctor ever has. She validates emotional and physical symptoms and comes up with many solutions to help. Rachal and Melody both make everyone feel like friends and family. They both have been nothing but kind and supportive since day one. It's more than acupuncture with Firefly.

- R.S. 

Pain & Inflammation

When you treated me two weeks ago I was experiencing swelling at the surgical site where I had abdominal surgery two years ago, this swelling has drastically diminished.


You also treated my sacrum which was bruised from a riding accident; I am now running without pain.

- E.F.

Pain Relief

I received two recommendations from medical professionals to visit Rachal. Initially I discounted the notion. I do not like needles and was wary. However my ailments continued and I decided why not

try it.


Best decision I have made in a long time. Rachal talked me though the process, made sure I was at ease and before I knew it I was needled and wondering what I was worried about. In my first one hour session I dozed off 3 times. Talk about relaxing. My health has improved and I am now a regular patient.

I would highly recommend Rachal.

- M.L. 

Emotional Support & 

I’ve been on anti-depressants for three years, started having anxiety attacks and always had trouble sleeping. Since I started acupuncture and herbs six months ago, I’ve stopped taking anti-depressants (within 2 months), don’t have anxiety attacks and sleep much more soundly and even through the night sometimes, which is unheard of for me.

Chinese medicine and all of its fun accoutrements have helped with my back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain, too. I prefer this type of treatment because it actually treats the root of my problems and allows my body to naturally heal itself, which makes a lot more sense to me than taking a bunch of prescriptions with unpalatable side effects. 

- R. M. 


After an ER visit and trip to the Neurologist to rule out a stroke, I was diagnosed with a mild case of Bell's Palsy. As this was a bit emotional because of my appearance, I turned to my Acupuncturist, Rachal, for her treatments and support knowing that acupuncture works with the nerves and all the systems of the body, as well as Rachal had helped with other issues. Rachal calmed my nerves and began treating me, slowly each treatment was an improvement now my facial muscles and nerves have been fully restored with her acupuncture, knowledge and skill.

Rachal was a kind shoulder listening while treating my during that stressful time in my life.

I'd highly recommend seeking a consult or advise for anything pain or nerve related from Rachal at

Firefly Acupuncture and Wellness.

- C.Z.

Internal Conditions

After years of G.I. pain and upset, trying to find relief I started acupuncture therapy at Firefly. Rachal has been very caring and listened to all complaints and changes from the start. She was the third therapist I went to seeking relief and the first one to make a real difference for my condition. The combination of acupuncture and herbal therapy, I believe, made a huge difference! I would recommend Firefly to anyone

looking for therapy.

- B.S.

Chronic Conditions

I started to go to Firefly to find some relief for the stress in my life. I saw Rachal and started regular acupuncture sessions with her on a weekly basis. 

Over the course of a few weeks my sleep and stress levels improved greatly. I actually didn't believe it at first until I missed my appointments two weeks back to back. 

It does make a difference. She also gave me several herbs and supplements. One particular one is used to enhance your immune system when you feel like something is starting to brew in your body like a cold or the flu. Loved it! She helped align my body's flow and energy. I have more energy. I sleep better and handle my stress levels much better under her care. 

- S. A.

Stress, Emotional Support

Rachal literally saved my life. I was struggling with severe depression, grief, and PTSD after my toddler was diagnosed (and luckily cured of) cancer, and I was struggling to put the pieces of my life back together. Antidepressants were helping me function but not heal. This was my first experience with acupuncture on the advice of a friend, and I'm so glad I took the leap. Rachal asked the right emotional questions, recommended the right supplements, and found the right spots on my body that needed the most attention. After a few months, I felt back to my normal self. It was the perfect addition to my therapy and yoga. The best way I can describe it is that all the energy that was in the wrong places has been put back into the right places. I have no desire for antidepressants ever again. I have regained a sense of self and a better outlook on the world. Emotions are easier to access, address, release, and move on from. I sleep better, have more energy, and have hardly any ADD symptoms any more. I trust her with my life and now recommend to anyone I hear complaining about aches and pains (mentally or physically) I cannot recommend her enough!

- M.H.

Happy Couple

Chronic Conditions

Rachal Lohr-Dean is an amazing acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner!  

I have had food sensitivities and intestinal problems ever since I came down with a severe case of mononucleosis when I was sixteen (I am now 32 yrs old). In addition, I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease and due to this condition I was having constant joint and back pain.  

When I went to Rachal for the first time, my low back was inflamed to the point that I couldn't walk. After my first two acupuncture sessions, my back inflammation totally subsided. Rachal proceeded to prescribe me a customized formula of Chinese herbs. These herbs have been a miracle!!! The herbs have healed my digestive system and cured me of my chronic constipation. Within a month and a half of taking the herbs, I lost 12 pounds without exercise! Also, because of both the acupuncture sessions and the herbs, my energy has dramatically improved and my severe premenstrual symptoms (stabbing cramps, feverishness, painfully swollen breasts) have been greatly reduced.


Rachal explained to me that the inflammation in my body from my ailments was causing me to gain weight and retain it. The herbs addressed the root cause of the inflammation and then the weight came off like water and stayed off. Likewise, the herbs have alleviated my chronic joint and low back pain.

- L.R.

Rachal Lohr from Firefly Acupuncture is one of the best and most courteous professionals we have visited in the health care or holistic medicine practicing professions: Eastern or Western. Rachal is a great acupuncturist; well qualified and a natural in the healing profession, she is outstanding in her profession. Working in the medical profession, as a doctor of family acupuncture medicine she's fantastic. I'm always happy to visit Rachal for acupuncture treatments or to recommend her practice. Her beautiful and relaxing office is conveniently located in Ashburn.


I'd gladly refer her as a pain management specialist, or for general health care needs, women's healthcare, TMJ or Trigeminal Neuralgia, migraines, and allergies. Rachal is also the best acupuncture specialist for any type of preventative or responsive acupuncture treatment. Actually, to be candid, I've already suggested her services to many of my friends and clients. My son, a teen, also recommends her treatments--and my visiting mother, a senior citizen, was so inspired watching us be treated and talking over the process with Rachal that she's gone home to Sarasota, Florida to see our an acupuncturist for her own treatments! I really have sent her name on to all my friends and colleagues in the DC Metro region. Through Firefly Acupuncture, she was even so kind as to donate free treatments for the silent auction at one of our favorite charities, 

I love this woman!

- K.D.

Happy Teens
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